Thursday, 23 September 2010

Autumn Treasure

Today, myself, Ruth, Hayley and Steph had a lovely day out in York. It was the first time that the four of us have been together since we broke up for summer at the end of May, and it was grand to have everyone back (even though I love mine and Ruth's film nights and incessant Notting Hill quoting - she stayed in York over summer). We had a look at our new student union (it's been all snazzed up), we went for lunch and we had a walk around York. This may not sound incredibly exciting, but there's one thing that I haven't told you yet, and that is that WE WENT CONKER HUNTING.

Oh. Yeaah. There is a park exactly half way between Hayley-Steph-Ruth's house, and my place of work, and as we were walking through there, we noticed that the first conkers are here! So, being the mature, civilised 20-year olds that we are, we immediately found a long stcik and started bashing this autumn treasure out of the trees, then smashing the shells open with our shoes. We are not usually such barbarians, but there is something about conkers that drives me into a childlike frenzy; I must have them, and as many as possible. It matters not how many trees I have to batter to get to them.

I found this jacket in a charity shop for £12. Favourite buy ever.


  1. Awww that sounds like so much fun, i can seriously not wait for conker hunting myself ;) xxxxxxxxx

  2. That jacket looks so snug and cosy. Jealous... And can't believe the first conkers are here already x

  3. thanks!

    that jacket looks amazing!!!! lucky you found it!

  4. I saw one in town yesterday for £7 but not as nice as this one! where are the charity shops in york? are they on the way to St.Johns?


  5. We need to take an autumn picknic in the park sometime xxx

  6. we most certainly do! next time it's sunny, we'll do it xx


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