Monday, 6 September 2010

Everyone's talking about it... I will too. Zara has finally opened their online store, but as I am poor and only have £11.20 to last me until 27th September, I have to stick with perusing their A/W lookbook, dreaming about what I will buy when the government drops a hefty grant into my bank account to buy uni books (haa, yah right, cheers Cameron, you twat).
I'm absolutely going to have to dig out my old red jeans from my embarrassing teenage emo days.


  1. ahaha i have a pair of red jeans from my emo days too, as well as blue, and green... ahh lets not get into that, aha ^_^
    i have seen three things in those pictures that i must, must, must own

  2. Haha I had purple ones too! So embarrassing. But now they're back in fashion, yeeeyyyy hahah x

  3. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for your comment and the follow - it really means so much to me - 13 is my lucky no and as your my 13th follower now your my new favourite hahah. As for zara on line i am waiting for next payday so I can treat myself - your blog is amazing too ... instant follow


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