Monday, 20 September 2010

Weekly Review: 13th-19th September 2010

I almost immediately regretted my decision to start these only vaguely interesting (and that only to me) posts, because it made me realise with startling clarity that I do absolutely nothing. But never fear my darling readers, when uni starts again and the October tour season commences (gig time baby), things will pick up a little. I'm hoping.

This week it was my mum's birthday! On the 16th, to be precise. This, of course, meant BAKING!That's a cat iced skilfully by me.

My dog loves birthday cake.

My mum is a champion cake-baker, so as a family we like to let her bake her own birthday cake. I'M JOKING! I love my mum more than anything in the worrrld, so I helped her out with the icing. Lemon cake is the best, almost as good as my mum. Happy birthday!

This week also saw me finally finish Death at La Fenice, by Donna Leon. One of my dad's friends recommended this series of books, about a police chief who lives and works in Venice. He let me borrow the first few novels in the series, but I've been so tired recently that I've only been mnaging to read on my lunch break - and that is only for half an hour a day. However, I finally finished it, and I really enjoyed it. It isn't especially fantastic writing - in fact, it is fairly standard, but the plot is great, and the fact that I have just been to Venice, and that it is one of my favourite places that I have ever visited, combined with the fact that when you're reading this book you really feel like you are walking the little canal-side streets of Venezia, made it incredibly enjoyable. I would highly recommend it if you want something to just delve into whenever you have a spare moment.A couple of photos from my trip. The lower one is me on a funny little bridge in Venice. The top one is the most venetian photo ever taken; I'm very proud of it, ha.

Next up on my ever-extending reading list was To Kill A Mockingbird. Somehow, through all the thousands of books that I have devoured in my lifetime, I have managed to miss this one out. But then my dad bought it for me a couple of weeks ago, and now after finally finishing Death at La Fenice, I could move on to it.I can't believe that I have never read it before. It's like there has been a huge gap in my education. I read almost all of it today - I still have 30 pages to go, so don't spoil the ending for me! Atticus is my hero.

The only 'new' film that I saw this week was Sean Penn's Into the Wild. I enjoyed it, but not, I think, for the reasons that you are supposed to enjoy it. The scenery was stunning; I loved that. And the sense of adventure that it awakens inside of you is frustratingly exciting. But am I the only one who found the lead character an absolutel tool? Am I the only one who thought that he was cruel and selfish and rude? It's all very well reading Jack London writings and jollying off to Alaska, but you could of at least send your sister a postcard, you inconsiderate bastard. But other than that, it's a pretty amazing film - visually, at least.

This week also saw the start of London Fashion Week! For me, this means only two things: Burberry Prorsum, and Alexa Chung. The first has already not disappointed:
And I am certain that on Tuesday, when Christopher Bailey's new collection is streamed live, that will not be disappointing either. I think we all remember last year's Spring/Summer collection...
Probably the most beautiful clothes not designed by Karl Lagerfeld to ever grace the planet.

Finally, thank you for all the lovely comments on yesterday's post! You guys are the best. You make my constantly dwindling self-confidence shoot right back up to normal levels, and for that I thank you. I will finish off with another little DIY project that I did:Sorry it's blurred, but that is a name necklace! The beads were 20p each from the craft shop near work. I would have done my full name, but I only had a couple of pounds, and I have to be sensible and make my money last until pay day. The comforting thought is that this necklace at least goes half way towards making me worry less about waking up with amnesia and not being able to remember my name.


  1. i loveeeee to kill a mockingbird! and into the wild with the eddy vedder soundtrack! good choices!

  2. Caaatttt cakkkkeeeee!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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