Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Leeds Festival 2010

Leeds Fest was: The Futureheads, Mystery Jets, I Blame Coco, Gallows, The Libertines, Enter Shikari, Motion City Soundtrack, The King Blues, Limp Bizkit, The Like, Weezer, One Night Only, Blink 182, Frankie and The Heartstrings, NOFX, Lostprophets, Mumford and Sons, Alkaline Trio, Guns N' Roses.

Leeds Fest this year was basically, for me, like being 13 again. I saw The Libertines. Seeing Pete and Carl sing What Became of the Likely Lads and Can't Stand Me Now made me cry; it was very emotional and I was so, so pleased that they were back together again. I saw Weezer; Rivers Cuomo's glasses still do it for me. I saw Blink 182 play I Miss You and this also made me cry - it was kind of mindblowing. I saw Alkaline Trio play Time To Waste, one of the greatest songs released in my generation. And I saw Axl Rose. Yes. Yes.

Here is my weekend in actual technicolour pictures:

This Rachel, one of my long-suffering BFFs, and my festival partner. She has amazing hair and amazingly expressive eyes. (Side note: is amazingly a real word?)

Oh hello, this is me as we began our epic journey to the campsite. No, I am not going bald, I just really, really need my roots doing. FAIL FOR ME.

I have never been to a festival with Rachel and not had Party Rings.

This is me testing out my new 'how to stay warm at night at an English festival when it's -35 degrees outside' method. That's two sleeping bags right there, one inside the other, and I'm not joking, it nailed it. That is why I look so proud of myself.

The Futureheads kicked everything off.

I could not deal with these sunglasses. It was like talking to myself.

This is pretty much the best hat ever. Also, my face looks like an eagle's. Gutted to discover that.

Sting's daughter is a babe.

Dear Santa...For Christmas I would like to morph into any member of The Like. I am jealous of every single thing about them. I also wouldn't mind one of those proper nice dresses they have on. Love from Emily.

Don't be a victim of the peg game.

Rivers Cuomo IS Lady Gaga.

To my absolute horror, I realised that this was the 14th time that I have seen One Night Only. I should really have done something else with my time in 2008.

Seeing Blink 182 was one of those moments that I will tell my children about when they're 14 and listening to all my old records, and they will be bored of me and tell me to shut up and go away, 'cause you're not cool anymore mum.

This is what I look like when I sit outside and eat my breakfast in the rain on a Sunday morning (I wasn't happy about it; I am only smiling because a photo is being taken).

This is what the NME tent looks like when it's empty. There used to be grass, but then 10,000 kids partied to Enter Shikari and it disappeared.

There's nothing like a delicious Twister when it's freezing cold outside. I am also so delighted that my hair clashes so horrendously with my jumper.


Some lads attempted to ride sledges and air beds down this hill. And pretty much failed.

Snoopy is our festival mascot.

My new camera does panorama shots. To the lads in the top picture: cheers for ruining the photo, you dicks.

Ian Watkins has gotten a little bit fat, a fact that depressed me greatly because he was such a babe the last time that I saw him.

Matt Skiba! Legend.

I just felt sad for Axl Rose, because he is old and he has kind of lost his voice. Oh, and everyone hates him because he was late on stage. But it was still fairly epic seeing them play November Rain.

See you later, Leeds Fest.

You may notice here that there are a few key bands missing, The Libertines, for example, or The King Blues, or the much spoken of Enter Shikari. This is because I had a disaster with my camera. A disaster of absolutely disasterous proportions. Basically, it got smashed. It died. It is no more. It has gone to where good cameras go when they cease to be. So during the end of Friday and also Saturday morning, I had to use Rach's camera and then as soon as The King Blues finished playing, I hightailed it to a Leeds branch of Argos and bought myself a beautiful new camera. I needed evidence that I saw Blink 182. And I like to have a camera in my hand. It makes me look professional.


  1. So jealous of this!!!!

    Definately some monumental bands and I would have loved to have seen them :)

    Party rings yay!! Awesome post =)

  2. Looks amazing; I am incredibly jealous... especially of you seeing the boys back together! Must see them ASAP!

    Glad you had fun x

  3. i tried to hard to get reading (yep, i'm a southerner!) tickets but they went so stupidly quickly :( would've killed to see the libertines and the like! and it's a shame your camera broke, but at least you got a replacement quickly (:

  4. both the libs and the like were incredible! i'm pretty sure the like are doing a uk tour right now though, so maybe you could see them then..?


  5. Looked so great! Haha to the peg game victim ;) xx

  6. Looks/ed amazing ^__^
    i like your picture captions, haha


  7. Argh, I didn't know you went! I cried at The Libertines too - it was amazing :) where did you camp?



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