Thursday, 9 September 2010

These are the things that I do not like to talk about...

Insects, illnesses, any bodily function whatsoever, skin, feet, the human body in general - internal and external, Katie Price, bands I dislike, any event that I have not been to or been involved with, monkeys, films I haven't seen, Cheryl Cole, death, my future, how tall I am, high school, money, Jacob Black, what I/my hair looks like, Shakespeare, Taylor Momsen, harem trousers, make up, poorly animals (especially dogs), boyfriends, girlfriends, getting old, computers, technology, beautiful men who are short, fish, Peaches or Pixie Geldof, pretentious art/film/literature, bad art/film/literature, the fact that Jensen Ackles is engaged, Fearne Cotton, work, retirement, how I got the massive scar on my forehead (sadly it's not because I'm Harry Potter), the film version of The Time Traveller's Wife, the film version of the Harry Potter books, babies, my obscene sugar intake, feminism, the ridiculous amount of shoes and clothes that I own (even though I only live in approximately three outfits), horror films, how awesome and funny and cute my brother is, global warming, winter, how unlikely it is that I will ever be a famous and celebrated author/super model/rockstar, embarrassing things that I have done when I've been drunk, food, other people's children, the many reasons how and why I will never be married to Chris Batten, anything awkward, anything gross or potentially gross, what the stories I write are about, the end of university, loans, debts, anyone who wears fake tan or flurescent colours, lads I've been out with, people on welfare that don't need/deserve to be, the fact that David fucking Cameron is our prime minster, the fact that people were stupid enough to believe that Nick fucking Clegg wouldn't become Cameron's bitch, people who don't have manners, people who let themselves go, just people actually, the X-Factor, Big Brother, 'celebrity' culture, my lack of any talent whatsoever, anything that might upset or insult me in any small way.

This list is not conclusive, and please do not assume that I dislike all of the above things. I just dislike talking about them. If it were a list of all the things that I disliked, you'd be reading until November.


  1. This post is actually genius. Seriously x

  2. i want to do something like this ....
    Nick fucking Clegg wouldn't become Cameron's bitch
    ehem yes yes yes
    i saw that coming -__-
    his yellow tie may aswell be blue too
    (remember the campaigning they wore ties to mathc their parties? i thought it was pretty cute but totally cliche, haha)

  3. Hahaha yes! Everyone knew that Cleggy wouldt betray us! Andbyet people STILL voted liberal. Silly.



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