Sunday, 26 September 2010

Weekly Review: 20th-26th September 2010

The big news this week - at least for me - was the result of the new Labour Party leader, which was announced yesterday. I was backing, and voted for, David Miliband, but it was his brother Ed who won and is now the leader of the Labour Party.
It was a very narrow victory, and he only won through support from the unions; in fact, it was David who had a large majority in the MP and individual member votes:

MPs and MEPs
David Miliband: 17.812%
Ed Miliband: 15.522%

Individual members (THAT'S ME!)
David Miliband: 18.135%
Ed Miliband: 15.198%

Members of unions and affiliated organisations
David Miliband: 13.4%
Ed Miliband: 19.934%

Personally I don't know if I trust Ed Miliband one bit. This is a guy who ran for Labour leader against his own brother, and didn't even tell him that he was doing it. If he can stab a member of his family in the back like that, what can he actually do for our country, if (when) Labour get back into power? We'll see how he does, but it doesn't seem likely right now that I will be renewing my Labour membership next year.

Away from the politics now. This week has been a good one for TV, with new seasons of both Supernatural and Gossip Girl starting. I'm totally on the vibe with the new Supernatural, but I have to admit that it wasn't quite as good as previous episodes have been. Maybe it's because it's the first in a new series, or something. But what am I talking about? It's not like I watch it for the plot.
Dean Dean Dean Dean Dean Dean Dean.

Gossip Girl also delivered the goods. There was a distinct lack of Chuck in this first episode, but I can tell that him and Clemence Poesy are going to be pretty much the coolest couple ever, if we judge by what little there was of them:
Beautiful. And even without Chuck, there was enough New York/Paris skylines, cute french guys, Chace Crawford, fantastic shoes and Blair bitching to keep me happy.

I have actually ended this week all alone in my house. My parents set off this morning on a two-week holiday in France, while yesterday my brother moved out to university in Hull.
Getting the Yorkshire flag out - obviously the first and most important thing to do.

Because I have no desire whatsoever to live with a bunch of people who I neither know nor want to know, and because I dislike almost all people anyway, I decided to stay at home for university. In fact, it wasn't until the last couple of weeks of term that I actually spoke to anyone, apart from Kristine, an amazing American exchange student who moved away at the end of the year anyway. Thus, this moving into halls was a new experience for the whole family - and not one that I envy. It looked far too much like socialising and spending time with other students for my liking, but my brother is into that kind of shit, so good luck to him. I'll miss you Rees! Lol, JK. But seriously.

NEXT WEEK: I get to see Frankie & the Heartstrings TWICE (if you're in York or Leeds, be there), and tomorrow my grant hopefully comes through, so I am going shopping. Finally, new clothes after TWO MONTHS with not a penny to my name.


  1. I want to go to university quickly :)
    I think i might start getting into gossip girl

  2. I wouldn't have been keen on living in the halls either, living with strangers isn't my cup of tea!

  3. Living in halls was cack. It was like living at school with people you tolerate but wouldn't class as friends or even nice, decent human beings. But everyone in my building, more or less, was posh and thick: a deadly combination. It's the luck of the draw really, I think. Hopefully your bro will get better housemates!

  4. hahaha that is unlucky! and that is exactly why i live at home.

  5. SUPERNATURAL i relaise its out but i havnt got round to watching it - I was SAM SAM but hes getting too twisted for my liking now... i think i may say hi to dean ;)


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