Sunday, 12 September 2010

Weekly Review: 6-12th September 2010

Because I have absolutely no money whatsoever, I have been struggling to find stuff to do recently that hasn't been sitting at home, reading and watching How I Met Your Mother. However, this week my mum kindly lent me some money so that I could go to the cinema with my pal Ruth. Orange Wednesdays, mate; what a grand idea. So we went to see Scott Pilgrim vs The World.
Soo good! Who else has seen this? It is by far the best teen-based sarcastic comedy that I have ever seen - even better than Juno, and I had begun to doubt that anything would ever top that. And it was totally not what I was expecting, what with people bursting into showers of coins and the epic dragons and even more epic bass battles, and stuff. I completely adored it. Michael Cera is about as adorable as a six-week old dalmation puppy (i.e. very adorable).

Sticking with films for the time being, yesterday I went to visit my friend Rachel at her new house. She's just moved to York, which means fewer 'wild' nights at The Riverside in Selby for us, but more options for me if I want to stay in York! Anyway, we had a bit of a film day, starting off with Rockstar, one of THE GREATEST FILMS EVER MADE. Mark Wahlberg playing a long-haired, leather-wearing, 1980's rockstar? MORE OF THAT PLEASE. Such a good film. We also watched Ten Things I Hate About You, and both of us managed to recite every single line of the film, in sequence, perfectly timed. We're fantastic at life, really we are. But in between those two films, we watched The Time Traveller's Wife.I have been avoiding this film for a long, long time, because the book is my very favourite book on the planet ever ever ever, and the very idea of some dickhead director coming in a chopping bits of Henry out of the story and turning it into some kids film about time travel made me quite literally want to throw up. I should really dedicate a post of it's own to the novel The Time Traveller's Wife, because it affected me in so many ways. Even now, when I go back and try and read it, I can't get ten pages in without sobbing a little bit. I mean a lot. I LOVE YOU, HENRY.

But we're talking about the film.

Yes, Eric Bana is a babe. Yes, his long hair is absolutely a good look for him. Yes, he does spend about 45% of the film stark naked. But is that really enough grounds to suffer this Godawful film for? Well, yeah, it is. He has a lovely bum.


NO. NOT HENRY. NO NO NO NO NO. HE IS NOT HENRY. And Rachel McMeanGirlsWasMyBestWorkAdams is NOT CLARE. And this film is NOT THE TIME TRAVELLER'S WIFE. Did they even read the book before filming it? Did they actually spend time looking at the sequence of events that occurs in the novel? I find it very difficult to believe that they did. It is an impossible book to make into a film - too much happens. Too many little but super important things happen. And as a film, it was a failure of epic proportions. I'm sure it was lovely and everything if you haven't read the book (hmm, or would it be?) but as someone who can quote, from memory, large portions of the novel, I am more disappointed than words can explain. At least I borrowed it off a friend, and didn't spend money on it. Why, I find myself asking, did I watch it?

Oh yeah. Eric Bana in his birthday suit.

Finally we come to what everyone has been waiting for, what everyone has been talking about, what no-one can afford: Alexa Chung for Madewell's collection has been released!
Yeah, well done Alexa for being totally stunning and beautiful and talented and for having the best style this side of Jane Birkin and for dating an Arctic Monkey and for having hair that manages to look perfect even thought really it's a bit of a shabby mess. Well done for all that. But why - WHY - have you forgotten that YOU ARE ENGLISH?

Even if I did have a spare $110 lying around in my bank account that I could blow on an absolutely perfect black velvet dress with white peter pan collar, I wouldn't be able to. Because Madewell do not ship to the UK. Er, EXCUSE ME? Alexa is OURS. We saw her first. She is English, and thus, by rights, we should have automatic dibs over her collection. But no - we can't even attempt to buy it. Thanks Chung. I feel betrayed.Fantastic shoes.

This week, in an attempt to hone soome of my artistic skills so that I can look into a mirror and not feel entirely like a talentless hack, as well as to relieve some of the monotony of my day-to-day life, I am starting a life drawing class. I'll let you know how that goes.

And finally: 40 followers! Welcome, one and all. This calls for a celebration!


  1. Ugh. I know what you mean about the Madewell collection x

  2. better than juno? controversial. but it is up there with juno i definitely think.

  3. fuck it! I really think Alexa have a super style, but I just cannot hate her. My god, I don't care if she's british, american, asian, whatever. I'ts not her fault. I mean she did nothing wrong, the only reason that why I hate her is because I LUV HER BOYFRIEND!


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