Monday, 6 September 2010

"It was like I'd slept with red henna and woken up with superhero hair!"

Tonight I'm dying my hair ginger, partly because I love people calling me 'Florence', but mostly so that I can pose for Dante Gabriel Rossetti when he finally gets around to asking me:
Yeah, I'm gonna look well cool.
Also, Rossetti was a bit alright, wasn't he? Lovely curly hair, a shirt and kind of lad.

And I've been listening to The Beatles. I think I'm going to start dressing more like this. I always thought Paul was the best, until I realised that George Harrison was beautiful and that Paul looks like my uncle, so now I can't fancy him.


  1. I love The Beatles too. And they're all beautiful. Well, apart from Ringo. His nose never really did anything for me. Bless him.
    (And seriously think you NEED to dye your hair ginger. You'll actually look like Florence's long lost twin) x

  2. They are all beautiful! Apart from Ringo. But I always loved Paul the most, until I realised...Uncle Derek, when were you in a band?! Gutted.

    Haha aw bless you. My natural hair colour is ginger, so I am quite literally going back to my roots. x

  3. you really do look like Florence, a whole load.
    I love ginger hair ^__^

  4. I LOVE YOU ALL! I love it too :D


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