Friday, 17 September 2010

Ralph Lauren S/S 2011

I've not really paid attention to New York fashion week this year - mainly because I've been working all week and by the time I get home I'm too knackered to look at beautiful people wearing beautiful clothes and generally being beautiful. Plus, it really feels like winter has suddenly smashed into England (er, excuse me? What happened to autumn? Are we not having that season any more?), so looking at light, floaty, summery clothes makes me incredibly depressed.
But then I saw this:

Ralph, babes, how do you do it?! How can you make my mind whizz forward through six months of freezing and shivering and hating my life, so that I am imagining myself in the early summer sunshine, wearing a white lace dress? You, sir, are good.

Ralph Lauren Spring/Summer 2011 - the collection that made me realise that all the best things are worth waiting for.

P.S. Is anyone else super excited for the Burberry Prorsum live streaming on Tuesday?? Christopher Bailey is fully my favourite.

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  1. That is a perfect dress :o i want one very similar to that, i shall go hunting!!! xxxx


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