Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Now, you may be thinking that I am about to post something hilarious, because the title of this post suggests Laughing Out Loud. But no. My wit is far too fine a thing to be involved with that horrendous text-speak. Instead I am going to talk about This Is England '86.

Did anyone else watch it? It was properly amazing - get on 4od if you missed it. For those of you who don't know, This Is England '86 is the series sequel to the film This Is England, and it is set, I think, three years after the original film. It's not often that I see something on TV that I really, really want to watch, but I saw the advert for '86 and I knew that I had to see it. Not because I'm especially interested in any of the characters (apart from Woody; he was well cute in the first film, and his accent, LOVE. IT.) but because I WANT THEIR CLOTHES. ALL OF THEM. EVERYONE'S. Especially anything Woody's girlfriend Lol wears.

I want to be a skinhead. A nice one, not a racist one. This style is perfect for me, because I'm dead skinny, but I've got a face like a boy, so when I wear feminine clothes I look like a transvestite. Also, I'm six feet and half an inch tall, so that doesn't help. Thus, I have developed a style over the years that is very similar to the outfits worn in This Is England: plaid shirts, tight jeans, boots or deck shoes, and overcoats. I keep my hair long though, because otherwise people will be calling me 'mate' and wanting me to give my seat up for them on the bus.
So last night, watching This Is England '86, all I could think was OHMAGOD, I NEED A FRED PERRY CARDIGAN, RIGHT NOW. Pay day is waaay too far away.


  1. Just to let you know, I tagged you in my last post x

  2. I saw it! I freaking loved This Is England '86. And I (secretly) want to be a skin head too. ;)
    Am I the only one who thinks the dialogue is the funniest thing on television?! :)

  3. *Did I write '84? I can't recall, if I did: I meant '86. Of course. :)

  4. I loved it, been excited about this for ages. Have you watched any of the other Shane Meadows stuff? Dead Mans Shoes was on last night, amazing film. I'm gutted I missed Once Upon a Time in the Midlands, have to catch up with that one.

    I also think Lol looks amazing especially with the new hair. I wish I had the features to pull off a look like that. I'm far too womanly :(. Woody is so cute and looks funny with hair, like he belongs in Oasis or something. And Smell haha looks like an alien. Can't wait for next weeks! xx


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